learn to draw from your imagination! enrolments for our 2020 short courses are now open!


Applications for our core program will open in September 2020

Enrolment in Core Courses

Production Art Department intensively hones the foundation skills of perspective, colour and light, anatomy, and visual storytelling. These skills are based upon physical and perceptual principles. They develop your ability to draw outstanding concepts directly from your imagination. Each subject is broken up into three consecutive thirteen week modules. The first year of our core program runs for forty weeks, including our orientation week. The subjects integrate to form a comprehensive long-form course, so that you can build the folio you’ve always dreamed about. We recommend that applicants dedicate themselves to the full program in order to achieve a strong body of work by the end of the course. Please ensure that your application is finalised and submitted prior to one of the three enrolment rounds:

  • Round one: Monday the 2nd of November, 2020
  • Round two: Monday the 7th of December, 2020
  • Round three: Monday the 18th of January, 2021

Please note: if the course is full by the first or second round, enrolments will be closed.

As part of your application, you are required to email us ten pieces of your best artwork:Include the following:

  • A drawing with receding objects, demonstrating your ability to depict a space
  • A drawing with shaded objects, demonstrating your ability to depict light
  • A drawing of a human figure, demonstrating your ability to depict proportions
  • A drawing of a design (such as a logo or a poster), demonstrating your ability to think conceptually

Also, please adhere to the following submission requirements:

  • One page from your sketchbook is counted as one art piece
  • Each art piece should be saved as a JPG file
  • Each art piece must not exceed 1MB in size (so, ten art pieces should not exceed 10MB)
  • Each art piece must be strictly your own
  • Each art piece can be completed digitally or traditionally (all traditional art pieces should be scanned, and then compressed as JPG files before you send them)

Your folio will then be carefully reviewed by the PAD instructors. If you application is successful, we will invite you to attend an interview. Interviews take place within a two week time frame after the close of each enrolment round