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When are your enrolment applications open for your core program?

There are three enrolment rounds for our 2018 core program:

  • Round one: Monday the 6th of November, 2017
  • Round two: Monday the 4th of December, 2017
  • Round three: Monday the 15th of January, 2018
I have seen other illustration courses. What makes your course different?

PAD contains technical and creative knowledge that is not taught anywhere else in NSW. Other courses tend to focus on approaches to representational drawing, but do not teach the underlying principles that enable you to draw believable illustrations from your imagination.

What are the benefits of attending PAD over an online course?

At PAD, you will be part of a creative culture in which instructors and peers will foster your creative development. You will learn in an efficient and structured manner, progressing from fundamental to advanced concepts. Throughout the program, you will work on projects that will inspire you to build an outstanding folio.

How are concept art and illustration different to fine art?

The primary aim of fine art is to provoke thoughts in an audience. On the other hand, concept art and illustration are created to convey literal meaning. Concept art visualises the design of films, video games, and animations so that directors can decide how they will look before they are produced. Illustration visualises stories such as graphic novels and comic books. Both concept art and illustration are strongly grounded in real-world principles, and require an in-depth understanding of colour, light, anatomy, perspective, and design.

Do you have open days?

PAD does not currently have any open days scheduled. However, if you are interested in checking out our campus, please arrange a time with us by contacting We also host public meetups with guest speakers from the entertainment industry. More information about these events can be found at

Is PAD a pathway into university?

No. PAD is a professional level course, and our content is not taught at universities. Many of our students have completed diplomas or degrees before studying with us. Students consider that our material is more challenging than the material they were taught at university.

Do I need an ATAR in order to apply for PAD?

You don’t need an ATAR to apply to study at PAD.

Can I apply for the core program if I am still in high school?

In order to apply for PAD’s core program, the minimum requirement is the successful completion of year 10. However, we do run workshops that accommodate a wider range of age groups. Please refer to our classes page for more information.

Are you going to offer higher qualifications in the near future?

We are currently considering the development of a degree program, and we intend to offer a diploma and advanced diploma in the near future. Please check back regularly for further updates or sign up to our mailing list.

Do I need a qualification to work in the field of Illustration?

You do not need a qualification to work as an Illustrator, just an outstanding folio.

What kind of work can I get after I graduate?

PAD’s core subjects are specifically designed for students who are interested to work within the entertainment industry as concept artists, storyboard artists, or illustrators. However, the fundamental skills that PAD teaches form the underlying basis of many creative fields, such as animation, graphic design, compositing, and filmmaking. You would therefore acquire the ability to become an outstanding artist within any of these industries.

What are my prospects of getting a job after the course?

Although it is difficult to secure a job in any creative field, your prospects of getting work greatly increase if you receive proper training in one field. At PAD, our aim is for you to graduate with an outstanding folio that demonstrates exceptional illustration skills to employers.

What is your enrolment process?

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio of their work and attend an interview.

What are you looking for in my application?

We are primarily interested in your commitment to developing your illustration skills. Your folio submission is your chance to make an outstanding effort, and to show us how keen you are to study illustration.

Can I study the course part time?

Yes! For students who have a busy schedule, we offer a part-time pathway within our core program. Please note, however, that we only offer a limited number of subjects during evening timeslots. If you have any questions about our timetable, please contact

How many of the subjects in the course include drawing?

All of them! You will be intensively drawing in every single class. Although the course includes a lot of theoretical and technical knowledge, all of this knowledge is applied through the practice of illustration.

Will the course include software training?

Although some subjects utilise software, our lessons are based upon artistic development. We consider technology to be a tool for illustration, in the same way that a brush is a tool for painting. Just as a brush will not make you a better painter, knowledge of software will not make you a better artist.

Do you offer a governmental student loan scheme?

Since PAD is a private institution, we unfortunately cannot currently offer governmental loans to students.

Do you cap your class sizes?

Yes, we do limit the number of admissions into our core program each year. Small class sizes enable us to provide our students with the very best quality of education. We also limit the number of applicants that we accept at each enrolment round. If we have accepted our quota of applicants for a particular round, you will be placed on a waiting list for the next round of intakes.

Do you accept international students?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accept international students. We are currently seeking CRICOS registration in order to facilitate international study. We hope to announce updates in the near future. Please stay tuned for further details.