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The instructors of the core modules.


Wayne Haag
Concept Artist


Wayne received his BA in Photography at RMIT in 1994, and began his career two years later as a Matte Painter on The Fifth Element at Digital Domain in Los Angeles. He has created Matte Paintings for the Farscape television series, the first two Lord of the Rings films, and dozens of television commercials. He has also recently created concept art for The Wolverine, Maze Runner, and Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant.


Tony Lovett
Storyboard Artist


Tony has worked as a Storyboard Artist on 2D animated shows and 3D animated films for over twenty years. His projects have ranged from stylized cartoons, such as the Tex Avery series, to elaborate animations, such as Bambi and Brother Bear. In recent years, Tony has focused on concept art and storyboards for films. He is particularly interested in designing environments to set the mood for shots.


Jessica Ashton
Fine Artist


Jess is an artist and educator. She has taught anatomy and drawing at The Julian Ashton Art School for almost ten years, and is represented by the Dickerson Gallery. Jess has been a finalist in numerous art prizes, including the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, the Warringah Art Prize, the Mosman Art Prize, the Hunters Hill Art Prize, and the Alice Bale Scholarship. Jess paints in a realistic style. She captures light and atmospheric effects in scenes with figurative elements.


Paul Bajada
Digital Artist


Paul studied Fine Arts and Media Arts at RMIT, before moving to Sydney in 2001. He was employed by Plastic Wax Animation soon thereafter. He has since worked on game cinematics, 3D animated shows, and television commercials as a designer, painter, illustrator, and 3D artist. In recent years, Paul has been a teacher at TAFE. He developed PAD in an effort to orientate art education towards entertainment design.


The instructors of the elective modules.


Evan Shipard
Concept Artist


Evan is a fine artist, illustrator, and concept artist. For nearly two decades he has created artwork for some of the largest visual effects companies around the globe. Evan has worked as an art director and matte painter on films such as 300 and Knowing, and as a concept artist on The Wolverine, Narnia, and Alien Covenant. In his spare time, Evan has a passion for mixing traditional and digital painting at his studio in Sydney.


Vinh Van Lam
Creative Entrepreneur


Vinh is the principal partner of ArtSHINE, a business mentoring program for artists, artisans, and designers. Vinh is an entrepreneur, company director, and business advisor with over twenty years experience across the retail, design, hospitality, manufacturing, and financial industries. Vinh is the Managing Director of Quantum Compass, and a Director of the Pyrmont Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank.