Character Design for Films & Comics is an eight-week short course taught by Concept Artist and Illustrator, Matt Heath. The workshop covers the essential design fundamentals, technical drawing skills, and digital painting techniques to create stunning science-fiction characters for the entertainment industry and personal projects. The course follows an efficient workflow, so that you can complete your own character design within the time-frame of the workshop.

Our jam-packed eight-week program covers the following topics:

• How to convey a design language
• How to create focal points
• How to thumbnail characters
• How to pose characters
• How to create science-fiction design elements
• How to select reference materials
• How to apply perspective principles
• How to apply anatomical principles
• How to apply lighting principles
• How to abbreviate drawing principles
• How to use digital brushes
• How to prepare paintings for front-facing figures
• How to prepare paintings for three-quarter-facing figures
• How to render materials
• How to imply textures and details workshop.
The course is suitable for both new and experienced digital artists. However, the course assumes a basic level of proficiency in Adobe Photoshop.

TUTOR: Matt Heath

WHEN: 19th March to 7th May

DURATION: 8 weeks

DAY: Thursday evenings

TIMES: 6:00pm to 9:00pm

PRICE: $880 incl. GST

Matt is a Concept Artist and Illustrator who specialises in character designs and anything skull related! Matt has worked on a diverse range of projects for Konami, Nintendo, Blizzard, PlayStation, and Wargaming. Matt was recently commissioned to create artwork for Zone of the Enders, and the promotional material for the 10th anniversary of the World of Warcraft. Matt also loves to sketch traditional and digital science-fiction characters for his own creative projects.