Oil Painting for Sci-Fi Environments is an outstanding new short course for artists to learn oil painting skills through the creation of a science-fiction environment! The course is also ideal for any artist who has ever been curious about oil painting, but who has been hesitant to take the plunge!

This jam-packed eight-week program is suitable for artists of all skill levels, and doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the craft. The course covers the practical skills of oil painting, and teaches the theory behind colour and light in an easy to understand manner.

Oil Painting for Sci-Fi Environments includes:

  • How to use basic tools and materials efficiently and effectively
  • How to apply oil painting techniques to an imaginative environment
  • How to incorporate colour and light theory into an imaginative environment
  • How to break-down a scene into a step by step process

Throughout the course, you will develop an A2-sized science-fiction painting. By the end of the program, oil painting will finally be demystified, and you will have understood powerful colour & light concepts that can be applied to any medium: traditional or digital.

Oil Painting for Sci-Fi Environments is also a recommended preparatory course for our intensive core program. Our core program thoroughly develops the foundation skills that are required to become a professional illustrator.

TUTOR: Wayne Haag

WHEN: 2nd Apr to 28th May

DURATION: 6 weeks

DAY: Tuesday evenings

TIMES: 6:30pm to 9:30pm

PRICE: $880 incl. GST


Wayne Haag received his BA in Photography at RMIT in 1994, and began his career two years later as a Matte Painter on The Fifth Element at Digital Domain in Los Angeles. He has created Matte Paintings for the Farscape television series, the first two Lord of the Rings films, and dozens of television commercials. He has also recently created concept art for The Wolverine, Maze Runner, and Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant.